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The Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholars Program

As part of fulfilling its mission to "achieve a steady increase in the participation of local schools' personnel and students" in the study of state, national and world issues, The Ruth Pauley Lecture Series, in conjunction with Sandhills Community College, offers a special opportunity for high school students and teachers to meet and share a meal with some of the most intriguing thinkers of our time.

lyceum [lahy-see-uh m] noun

An institution for popular education providing discussions, lectures, concerts, etc. The Lyceum was a place in ancient Greece where a long list of philosophers gave talks, including Plato, Socrates and Aristotle.

Participating high schools:

  • Pinecrest High School

  • Union Pines High School

  • North Moore High School

  • O'Neal School

  • Sandhills Hoke

For each Ruth Pauley lecture, two students from each of the five local area high schools below is named a Ruth Pauley Lyceum Scholar and enjoys dinner with the presenter prior to attending the lecture. Each school may include a teacher, administrator or counselor to accompany his or her respective students. There is no cost to either students or their chaperones.


Each participating high school selects their respective scholars based on a student's academic merit and/or potential benefit to the student, and the student's gender, cultural interests and ethnicity, to provide guest lecturers with an audience that offers a true representation of the region's populace.

Lyceum Scholars receive a $200 scholarship from the Sandhills Community College Foundation to be used for books and/or tuition at SCC to help pay for one university transferable course. 

Each year, the Ruth Pauley Board will select one participant from each school to be named that year's Lyceum Scholar Award winner and receive a $100 cash prize to be used toward cultural enrichment opportunities.

Following each lecture, Lyceum Scholars will be asked to email the Ruth Pauley Board a response to the following question:

Having attended a Ruth Pauley Lecture and having had the opportunity to interact with a prominent public figure, what benefits do you think the public derives from the Ruth Pauley Lecture Series in our community, and how has your own life been enriched by the experience?

Responses can be emailed to


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